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Tastatur » Tastatur » A4Tech   X7-G800 MU 3xFast Gaming Keyboard PS2

A4Tech X7-G800 MU 3xFast Gaming Keyboard PS2

A4Tech X7-G800 MU 3xFast Gaming Keyboard PS2

X7-G800 MU 3xFast Gaming Keyboard is Tailor-Made with Unbeatable Gaming Features and a Sleek Ergonomic Design. Combat your Opponent Effortlessly and Confidently with the Quick 4 Speed Shift Feature -
Normal, Accelerate, Speedy and Turbo - Your can Respond up to 3xFaster than your Enemies at an
Astounding 7.92ms Response Rate. And X7-G800 Delivers the Ultimate in Gaming Performance.

Waterproof design lets you keep your eyes on the game-Eat,Spill,Sweat or Cry over your
keyboard-No Worrries! All component of the X7-G800 are completely sealed with waterproof glue.
Completely submersible in water-makes cleaning a snap!

In FPS Game Mode - Player Can Change Weapon (keys 1-4) when Using Combination Direction Keys (Strafe)
A+S, A+W, S+D, D+W.

“G1-G15” New Key Positions are Specially Placed for Gamers to easily access During the Most Intense Game.

With Color Indication (No Driver Required) 4-Speed Levels - Normal, Accelerate, Speedy and Turbo.

One button conveniently switches the position of the keys to a gamer friendly position during game-play.

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  • Produsent Partnr: G800MU
  • Vår Partnr:1220
  • Leveringstid 1-2 Dager
  • Trådlöst Nej
  • Språklayout Svensk
  • Anslutning PS/2
  • Bakgrundsbelysning Nej
  • Brytare Membran

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